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Pioneering Marketing Research in the Arab world with over 30 years of practised regional insight and a workforce of 400 plus dedicated research professionals, PARC is a research house devoted exclusively to the needs and research requirements of businesses in its home grounds.

Born in the Arab world for the Arab world we understand the pulse of indigenous markets in terms of lifestyles, values and economic trends like no one else.

We are unrelenting contributors of marketing information, audience measurement, and business media products and services striving incessantly to offer most comprehensive research solutions for the needs of our clients.

Headquartered in Dubai, PARC operates in 13 markets with 11 offices across the GCC and Levant Region. Our portfolio includes: ad-hoc and syndicated studies focused on usage and attitudes, psychodynamic qualitative research, media monitoring & research services and opinion polling.

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Lebanon Office:

Beirut-Sin el Fil- hursh Tabet

Le phenician building- 3rd Floor

Tel:  961-01-510372, 961-01-510369,

        961-01-510368,  961-01-491406 ,           

        961-01-483 985 

Fax: 961- 01-482 341

        961- 01-489 484


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